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We're a group of church communicators talking about branding, marketing, and the web. You can join our group at:

We're a group of church communicators talking about branding, marketing, and the web.
You can join our group at:

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#Hashtag in your bio

Hashtags, GDPR, and algorithms—oh my!Here's what is coming down the pipe this week.


The Instagram Issue

Lots of great Instagram features and news coming out. I'm interested to see what this means for our second favorite platform.


Using Wordpress? Need some help?

Hey y’all!We have another great free resource for those of you who use WordPress brought to you by WPChurch.Team. First, the WPChurch.Team thought you might be interested in their report on “Essential Plugins (And Theme Options)” for your church’s website. It…


Facebook Testing Mass Messages and Voice Posting

Have you tried ManyChat or ChatFuel for Facebook Messenger? What are your thoughts on messenger bots?Hit reply and let me know!Have a great Sunday tomorrow!Katie


Want a free church app?

We partnered with this month. You may have noticed.We're huge fans of their giving platform.Like did you know you can have your givers cover the fee expense? Or that they offer text to give?Anyway, I think they're pretty sweet and they have awesome s…


Let's learn more about creating for the web

I've been a web designer/developer/nerd for nearly 20 years. Fads and trends have come and gone. There's a million things I've learned and then promptly un-learned.If you've ever had the urge or inkling to learn about creating for the web, the time is now. Do…


How can I...?

In 2017, we answered well over 50,000 questions (that's a stat I just made up).In 2018, we plan on bringing our community closer and closer together.Here's some of my favorite things this week.


Planning Center + Texting ❤️

Hello Friends!We wanted to let you know that PastorsLine (an amazing texting platform for churches) now integrates with the Planning Center Online People App.Check it out now!We are happy to partner with them to bring you a 60 day trial for churches who integ…


Scheduling Instagram—say what?

Instagram, Facebook, and a whole lot of blog content coming your way! Hope you're having a very special week—Sunday's coming!


Easter 2018—it's happening! 😳

Are you getting ready for Easter?We just started talks about Easter branding and marketing at our church. Darrel and I chatted about it on the podcast last night so be sure to check it out.


Facebook Ch-Ch-Changes...

Come on and face the change...Facebook is changing. We actually kinda warned you about it—albeit it didn't happen exactly like we thought it would. But no need to panic. We talk through those changes and what you can do in our podcast. It's on Youtube linked …


Big Idea Conference - Registration is Live!

We are so excited to announce that our church, Brentwood Baptist, is presenting The Big Idea Conference. This Conference is all about Church Communication and Martketing and Darrel and I (Katie) will be hosting it! We can’t wait to share our church and our ci…


Social Media, Mark Zuckerburg, and Church Apps

Tell me what you want to hear more about in this newsletter. Just hit "reply" in your email application of choice.


Free Apple Developer Program for Non-Profits

2018 is looking so bright that you're gonna need shades.😎😎😎Apple, who recently started offering battery replacements for only $29, just announced they will now offer their developer program for FREE (regularly $99/yr) to non-profits. Not a bad way to start of…


Social Media in 2018 ✅

What will social media look like in 2018?I will tell you what I'm aiming for—authenticity.I'm aiming to tell more stories. Take more pictures. Be more real. Less produced. Create more content. Since Facebook dropped the "engagement bait" article I've been thi…


🎄 5 More Days 🎄

What are you doing right now?Me, I'm running down check list after list.Personal, work-related, church-related. SO MANY THINGS!But if there's anything I know I need to do, it's to slow down.If the devil won't make you bad, he'll make you busy.And before you k…


Can you relax yet?

Christmas is almost here! Can you relax yet?Christmas is the most wonderful/most tired time of the year for church communicators. First, we wanted to tell you—job well done! You're almost there!Second, let's look forward to 2018 with clear minds, remembering …


I’m hooking you up (free tickets inside)

I just wanted to let you know about a huge online event that's coming up. I'm speaking at it. (Katie)And over 35 of the top social media and digital influencers in the church space will be there, too. Names like Carey Nieuwhof, Brady Shearer, Jarrid Wilso…


SnapChat is Back?

Since 2014, the internet has been expanded with new domain extensions like .BIBLE, .DIGITAL, .NETWORK, .GOOGLE, and nearly a thousand others.Get.Bible is partnering with to collect ideas for creative and interesting use case examples for a .BIB…


Messenger Bots?

HAPPY BLACK FRIDAY!Have you started using messenger bots? Hit me back by replying to this email if you have! Would love to hear how they're working for you or your church.